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Lewisham Cyclists believe that cycling should be considered by transport planners as a serious mode of transport for the twenty first century.  In our urban environment, cycling has much to offer, being a clean, healthy, sustainable transport mode which takes up little space on our crowded city roads.

However, at the moment, urban planners have a lot of learning to do to catch up with a modern vision of urban transport, which gives cycling its rightful place, both in terms of safe space on our roads, and secure places to store them.

That’s why we have a campaigning aspect to the work we do, as well as the other activities we run.

You can find a summary of our campaign objectives for 2024 which have been carried forward from the 2022 Council elections here, along with a detailed map of our Lewisham infrastructure campaign objectives here.

Our main campaigns at the moment are:

You can view our responses to past and current consultations here.

We are regularly consulted on cycling issues and infrastructure, and making sure that cycling is well represented in Lewisham’s bids for money from central government.

We also support local groups and initiatives who are looking to create safe spaces for cycling and walking and enabling people to ride. Currently we are actively supporting Deptford FolkBrockley Better Streets, People’s Action for Telegraph hill, Make Lee Green and Better Streets for Grove Park.

We campaign on all cycling issues in the borough, run events, cycle socially, carry out research and support London Cycling Campaign’s work.  We always welcome new people who want to help support our aims and objectives.  Email us if you’d like to get involved in our campaigning work or to share your ideas for how we can make things better for cycling in Lewisham.