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Route Planning Apps

Everyone has their favourite Route Planning App and new ones are constantly being developed. Here is a list of the commonly used ones available via a web browser (WWW), Apple device (iOS) or Android device (And). They are mainly free of charge to use.

Most people like auto-routing where the App calculates a route for you and then guides you along it, others like to plot their route manually making sure it uses all the quieter dedicated cycle routes. Some Apps are much better than others at finding the quiet and dedicated cycle routes – a good test is to get the App to map a route that you know well and see if it follows your optimal route.

NameWebsiteSubjective rating for London cycle routingAuto-routingAvailabilityComments
Better By***YesWWWCurrently Bristol orientated but routing does work for London****YesWWW, And, iOSUses CycleStreets API
CityCyclistN/A****YesiOSUses CycleStreets API
CycleMapsN/A****YesiOSUses CycleStreets API*****YesWWW, And, iOSComprehensive routing giving quietest, balanced and fastest routes. Shows all dedicated London cycle routes****YesWWWReliably finds quiet routes**YesWWW, And, iOSCycling option, but often not great at finding dedicated cycle routes***YesWWW, And, iOS***YesWWW, And, iOS (OsmAnd)Shows all dedicated London cycle routes. On website turn on Cycle Maps ‘layer’.
OS**NoWWW, And, iOSPlot your routes and view other peoples’ routes
Ride with**NoWWW, And, iOSPlot your routes and view other peoples’ routes**NoWWW, And, iOSTrack your rides and view other peoples’ routes