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New to Cycling?

More tips below from Lewisham Cyclists, or click on the banner above for tips from the London Cycling Campaign
Two young women, on their first group ride with Lewisham Cyclists .
Two new riders on their first countryside ride with Lewisham Cyclists

Lewisham Cyclists are always happy to help anyone who wants to start riding a bike, or ride more.

Get a bike and get it working

If you don’t have a bike yet, our Getting a Bike page has advice on loaning a bike and buying a new or second-hand bike.

Once you’ve got a bike, you can get it checked over and any problems fixed at one of our maintenance and repair sessions.

Build your skills and confidence

If you want to improve your cycling skills, both Lewisham Council and Lewisham Cyclists offer cycle training.

We also offer support to find and get familiar with new routes through our Cycle Buddies scheme. We pair you with a more experienced cyclist who can help you explore your local area or find a safe route to work.

Our short, local group rides are ideal for people just getting started cycling. They can be a great way to discover new routes and meet other local cyclists.

Get advice and support

Our website has useful information on security, parking, maps and taking your bike on public transport.

You can also get advice by asking a question on the Lewisham Cyclists Facebook group, or getting in touch with us by email.