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Cycleway 4 is finally complete

Author: Alex Raha. Pictures: Alex Raha, Tim Collingridge, Work on Cycleway 4 (C4) between Deptford, Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe has finally been completed since our last update, in spite of some concerns surrounding the financial uncertainty with Transport for London (TfL). If you’ve missed our earlier blogs on C4 then you can find them here. We thought it would be good to provide a round up as we move forward.… Read More »Cycleway 4 is finally complete

Catford to Forest Hill (C2FH) walking and cycling route update March 2024

The original proposal to create a walking and cycling route from the Waterlink Way just south of Catford to Forest Hill via Elm Lane goes back to 2014.  The most direct route between Catford and Forest Hill is the South Circular road which is heavily trafficked at most times of the day and very inhospitable for walking and cycling. This proposed alternative route uses quiet back roads and off-road cut-throughs… Read More »Catford to Forest Hill (C2FH) walking and cycling route update March 2024

Our 2024 Campaign objectives

At our most recent Annual meeting, we set out our 2022 campaign priorities going into the local elections. 2024 is now about making sure we get Mayor and Cabinet to deliver on what was promised. In the coming weeks we will be writing to the Mayor of Lewisham and all ward councillors, highlighting what we think needs to be done in light of the climate emergency the council has declared… Read More »Our 2024 Campaign objectives

Deptford Church Street Consultation Guide

our suggestions for your consultation response (DEADLINE is midday on Tuesday 2 January 2024) The link to respond to the consultation is here A plan at last for segregated cycle lanes on Deptford Church Street (DCS), shown here by Lewisham Council . If you’re short on time to read what’s below, you can find our group consultation response here. We’ve already seen kids cycling to school on Jamaica Road (the… Read More »Deptford Church Street Consultation Guide