Cycleway 4 – October Update

Author: Andrew Seeds The first bits of Cycleway 4 (C4) reaches substantial completion at the end of October with the resurfacing of the first section of Evelyn Street week commencing 25th October in preparation for re opening to two way traffic on in early November. If you’ve missed our earlier blogs on C4 then you can find them here. Oxestalls Road closes on the 8th November for several weeks to… Read More »Cycleway 4 – October Update

This is why I cycle: Brian

Over the last few months, we’ve wanted to hear more from our members and supporters as to why they ride. Here’s my story. St Laurent de la Plaine (Pays de Loire) – La Drova (Valencia) bike tour A glorious late summer tour from my in-laws’ house near Angers to my friend’s home near Valencia. 1200 Kilometres over 12 stages, due south from the Loire through the Vendee and onto the… Read More »This is why I cycle: Brian

Cycleway 4 Construction Update

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Author: Andrew Seeds. Edited by Brian Turpin & Alex Raha Now well underway, when the scheme is completed next year, it will transform this busy stretch providing a segregated safe cycling route including protection at junctions. If you want to read our previous blog on C4, have a look here. The Cycleway 4 Project is not just about cycling – there’s a number of improvements aimed at pedestrians and bus users.… Read More »Cycleway 4 Construction Update

Campaign priorities

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At our most recent open meeting, we spent a while discussing our campaign priorities. Our campaign objectives have been clearly and excellently set out visually on this map–Ve0ZtdCfPYdSEzfiUGglQsPMZqVqdd&ll=51.48950346691411%2C-0.05688684633789354&z=12 They are pretty comprehensive, we believe, although dont include absolutely everything, we acknowledge. There are undoubtedly a few things we dont cover in the map that we would love to add. However, we have to be realistic when setting out what… Read More »Campaign priorities

cyclists lying down in protest blocking junction

Holborn Protest 20th August 2021

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Six people die in Plymouth. Terrible, terrible tragedy and obviously headline news. People begin discussions again about further regulation and control of guns and who can own them and for what purpose. After the Dunblane massacre in 1996 there was intense public debate about gun control laws, petitions for a ban on private ownership. Eventually, there was an official inquiry. New Firearms Acts were passed, outlawing the private ownership of… Read More »Holborn Protest 20th August 2021