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Campaigns on TFL roads

The responsibility for roads in London lies either with TFL or with the local authority. TFL is responsible for the TRLN (also known as the red routes), which are major routes which have been defined as strategically important for the management of traffic flow through London.

A map of London’s red routes can be found here. To summarise, in Lewisham these are the A2, A20, A21 and A205 (South Circular). Lewisham Cyclists policy on the red routes in the borough is that safe provision needs to be made for cyclists who wish to use them and that there should be safe and easily accessible crossing points for all in order to access the quieter routes through the borough.  At the moment, this is far from the case, especially in some of the major centres in the borough, like Catford and Lewisham town centres.

Lewisham Cyclists campaign to persuade TFL to ensure that cyclists can travel safely on these routes. Current campaigns include:

  • A21 Lewisham Spine Project – segregated cycle lanes along the A21 from Bromley to Lewisham. And ultimately to Deptford and Greenwich.
  • Deals Gateway:  Our response to TfL’s latest consultation
  • Deptford Bridge
  • Lewisham Gateway: Jan 2014 ; Oct 2015 ; Nov 2016 ; Dec 2016; Oct 2018
  • Cycle Superhighway 5: When the Mayor first introduced his Cycling Vision for London, this route was designed to run from Lee to Victoria.  Since then, the Lewisham section has been whittled away, till all we are left with is a few yards exiting Southwark and barely scraping into New Cross.  TfL had promised a kind of consolation CS5, avoiding the New Cross gyratory and Lewisham Gateway, when they realised they had promised what they were now unwilling to deliver.  This would run from New Cross to join the Waterlink Way, just before the Gateway.  However, Tfl have also gone very quiet on this, too, but we are still pursuing the matter.
  • We have also returned a response to TfL’s plans for upgrading the Molesworth St Cycleway here  The Molesworth St plans are here
  • Herewith is an update on various issues we have been trying to pursue with TfL, including the delay on CS4. It includes the text of a letter from TfL to Len Duvall, who whose help we enlisted to get TfL’s attention! Plus our own response to that letter.  Here

Also see the Consultations & Responses page here for further information on these campaigns