Campaigning objectives for 2021

We’ve recently compiled a map showing cycling infrastructure improvements in Lewisham that we will be campaigning for in 2021.

We want more:

  • Protected cycle lanes on main roads (purple lines)
  • Cycle routes on residential roads and dedicated paths (orange lines)
  • Two-way cycling on one-way streets (green lines)
  • Protected walking and cycling road crossings (children crossing icons)
  • Modal filters (diamond icons). Filters specifically related to cycle routes only shown. We fully support the council’s policy of establishing traffic-filtered ‘Healthy Neighbourhoods’ across the whole borough.
  • Walking and cycling bridges across railways and rivers (bridge icons)
  • Secure cycle parking hubs (cycle icons)

Static image of part of the map:

You can interact with the Live map here and click on the icons to see more detail about each infrastructure improvement.

You can help with campaigning in your local area:

We are creating Local Action Groups to help campaign for these improvements. Please email us if you would like to join a group in your local area.

We also want to partner with Community Groups that share our objectives. If your Community Group would like to work with us to campaign for improvements such as these, please email us.