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April 2012

Minutes of Meeting of Lewisham Cyclists

Held at Dog and Bell Public House, Deptford, London

Wednesday 18th April 2012

  1. Apologies: Jane Davies
  2. Present: Roger Stocker, Ian Welsby, John Phillips
  3. Matters Arising: Wish list . Action (Roger) To forward list to LBL with covering letter.
  4. Problem with old website: Unclear at present if, current useful but incomplete Google etc., ranking improvement is as a result of action by Matt or whether this happened of its own accord. Action (John) To investigate if links to old site are to be found elsewhere (on other sites) and attempt to get these changed if possible. Further consideration at May meeting after AGM with a view to paying for professional services if need be.
  5. Brockley Fair, at Hilly Fields. Date for this has now been advised as 23rd June commencing 12.00am. Agreement on principle to have our annual stand at this event subject to a maximum expenditure of £500 (£40 pitch fee plus £460 for Dr Bike) and Jane being able to bring (or make available) the table, maps etc. on the day. Action (John) 1) Contact Jane re. availability and 2)book pitch and Dr Bike (~4hours from 1.00pm)
  6. Fair at Grove Park. Lewisham Council will be asked if they can organise and finance this. Action (Roger) To write to LBL with this request.
  7. Meeting closed at 8.00pm