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August 2012

Lewisham Cyclists Meeting Minutes

August 15th 2012

Dog and Bell,  Prince St, Deptford, SE8

1. Present: Tim Collinridge. John Phillips, Roger Stocker, Ian Welsby. Apologies: Jane Davis

2. Minutes of July Meeting agreed

3. Matters arising:

3.1 Wish List. It was accepted that the situation was confused by not knowing which final draft, if any at all, was forwarded to Lewisham Council and that may be the explanation for LBL’s apparent lack of interest. It was therefore agreed that we would step back from the situation and proceed as follows:

a) John  to forward Tim the original draft and his (John’s) comments

b) Tim to return to John his comments if any

c) John to forward the original draft, his & Tim’s comments to Jane asking if she would collate and redraft as necessary, include her own additions and forward to LBL .

3.2  Loan Bikes. Although Katie emailed Tom Crispin on 7th July we don’t know in Katie’s absence if Tom responded or not. Agreed therefore that John in his capacity as Treasurer would email Tom again with explanation as to why. He’ll also liaise with Greenwich Cyclists who are joint owners of the bikes.

4. Deals Gateway:

4.1 Roger reported that the video and comments on it had spread widely through Twitter and that he was expecting to hear from TfL shortly.  Total views to date are in the 1,500 region.

4.2  Jane’s proposal for a video library/document of how cyclists move through key Lewisham junctions highlighting the problems and suggesting possible solutions for  each. Roger offered to email the Yahoo group list and coordinate the responses.

5. Request for comment on a road closure.  As of 16th August the promised email from the firm of consulting engineers detailing the proposal has not been received. If it does John will forward it to the Yahoo list inviting comments and then collate and respond to the consultants within 48 hours.

6. AOB.   Rik Andrew had emailed to ask if there been any progress on CSH4. Roger had responded that he had been advised by LBL  “The TfL project is … at an advanced stage, and perhaps now beyond significant influence.”

Meeting closed at 7.45 p.m.


JOHN    : email Tom re loan bikes;   liase with Greenwich cyclists re loan bikes; email Tim & Jane re Wish List

ROGER : email Yahoo list re further junction videos