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January 2012

Lewisham Cyclists Meeting Minutes
Dog and Bell Public House
Prince St
Wednesday 18th January 2012

1. Present: Katie Collis, John Phillips, Roger Stocker, Tim Collingridge, Rik Andrew, Jane Davis, Graham Williams.

2. Apologies: Lee Roach

3. Minutes of last meeting read and agreed

4. Matters arising. List of works supplied by council officers giving details of spends onimprovements to cycling infastructure in Lewisham was reviewed. Roger will contact Lewisham saying we feel the works on the list amount costwise to far less than the money that was available. We will query any other works and ask what is happening next year as TfL should have allocated money by now.

Katie asked that we set aside a half day to go review the cycle network and facilities in Lewisham and then feedback to Lewisham our thoughts and suggestions/wish list to give them ideas for how to spend the allocated money. We can also ask for suggestions from the e list (again). Surrey Canal Rd is a real priority. The date set for this meeting is Sunday 5th February at 12.00 midday.Rick Andrew said we should be proactive and specify that all the junctions on the
proposed CSH through the borough need looking at as all CSH’s are to be reviewed.

A CRIM of these routes is to be arranged with Lewisham council and Lewisham
Cyclists will take part. RS will chase up Lewisham Council and get a date for this.
Rick also said that road surfaces on the LCN routes needed to be brought to their attention. Eddystone Rd is a mess at the moment as is the approach to the railway bridge here. Apparently, this is Lewisham’s responsibility. Committee members undertook to cover as much of the LCN network within Lewisham as we can prior to the meeting so that we have as much real life data to hand.

5. Cross borough issues
Peckham Rye roadworks. Jane Davis reported on an onsite meeting with the engineer,arranged by Southwark Cyclists. The new layout does reduce the left hook problem, but is still not ideal. JD said it was apparent that there were lots of restrictions on what the engineer could do and he seemed to be operating under lots of different constraints. However, Roger Stocker pointed out that some of the infrastructure did not meet mininum standards such as the design of the buildouts to provide parking bays on the common side of the road. These are a hazard at the moment. It was recognised by the meeting that removal of pedestrian refuges was an improvement as was the relocation of the parking. Overall, it was considered that while limited improvements had been made, they were piecemeal and lacked fluidity and consistency with cyclists being
moved from on road to off road and back with no real need for this. JD said she would email the engineer with our comments and emphasise the need to keep to, at the very least, the existing minimum standards for such works in the future. Regret was expressed by the meeting that the obvious solution for cyclists on this part of LCN 22, an off road route all the way up on one side of the common, seems to be beyond the power and finances of Southwark Council.

5. Local Event Equipment Review. New gazebo needed due to irretrievable collapse of old one. Gazebo will be bought. John will do this.
6. A.O.B. Roger reported that he had written to Ian Pendleton a second time re. closure of old website. Some general discussion of Bikes Alive and Go Dutch campaigns

Meeting terminated at 8.15pm

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