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June 2011

Lewisham Cyclists Meeting Minutes Wednesday 15th June 2011
Dog and Bell, Prince St, Deptford, SE8
Present: Roger Stocker, Lee Roach, John Phillips, Ian Welsby Katie Collis,Jane Davis, John Clarke


1. Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed
2. Matters arising: Meeting venue discussion continued.  Roger Stocker mentioned Leemore Centre at the back of Lewisham High St. Overall, it was decided that the regular monthly meeting remain should remain here but if we have any special visitors we will find a more central alternative location. ( AGM for example) .
3. Dunwich Dynamo feeder rides: Katie will email Colin Hartridge-Price to see if we can offer any support to Southwark cyclists re this event, if needed.
4. Ongoing issues/projects/ rides : Age Well rides : We have agreed to support this initiative. Katie will email Lucy at LCC and clarify what a Lewisham ride leader has to do.     Tom Crispin’s wedding: Commercial pedicab will cost over £350.  This cannot be funded through voluntary contributions nor through the group’s funds. Roger will try and find something cheaper.                                                                                                                    Roger has put forward 4 questions to the council officer Peter Stunnell, now responsible for cycling issues in the borough, regarding initiatives tht Carole Crankshaw (Lewisham’s cycling officer, before the post was deleted) was working on. Mr Stunnell has not answered these questions.  Then Roger contacted the cabinet member for transport (Alan Smith) but still no answer. He  has also written via snail mail reiterating our concerns that without a dedicated cycling officer, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible for Lewisham to increase the cycling share of transport in the borough to 5% of journeys.  There has been no response to any of these queries.       So now, Roger has asked a public question of the full council re these concerns and lack of response. Roger emphasised that anyone is able to contact their local councillors re cycling issues in the borough.                                                Lee reported that there was now some cycle parking outside his children’s school, although only three stands against a wall.
5. New website evaluation: At the moment all four administrators can post blogs without checks.  After discussion the meeting decided to continue with this system as long as committee members remember they are representing Lewisham cyclists as well as being individuals.  John Clarke said that he feels website looks good and quite professional.             The meeting considered setting up a new email account for Lewisham cyclists.   Lee Roach said he will ask a work colleague about the easiest way of linking this to our website.             6.  John Phillips mentioned the  Ducks group who organise rides for fathers and children and have emailed us about their activities. We have extended an invitation for a representative to attend our meeting so that we can get to know more about what they do and once this happens we will post a link to their group on our website.
7. Bike Week: Paul Taylor emailed the group saying he will run his Lewisham Peaks Ride. Ian mentioned the THW Glamour Ride on the Friday of BW from Green Bridge to Wapping through Tower Hill.
8. Brockley Fayre:  2 people booked for Dr Bikes. We have about  7 volunteers for the stall. John and Katie will be responsible for trying to sign people to LCC on the day. Katie has also brought t shirts to give to first people who sign up.   John asked for executive power to reduce Dr Bike hours if weather looks to be bad. This was agreed.
9. Finances:  the treasurer prepared a breakdown.
10. AOB. Blackfriars photo petition: we will do a joint photo on Saturday for this.         Meeting ended at 8.25