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March 2012

Minutes of Meeting of Lewisham Cyclists

Held at Dog and Bell Public House, Deptford, London

Wednesday 14th March 2012

  1. Apologies: Roger Stocker, Paul Taylor, Rik Andrews
  2. Present: Matt Kendall, Katie Collis, John Phillips, Jane Davis, Ian Welsby.
  3. Matters Arising:                                                                                                                    3.1 Wish list is now in in-trays.  And also on the elist available for general comment.  Then it will be presented to the council.  Maintenance of cycle lanes should be added to our list.  And ensuring that dropped kerbs are installed wherever cycle lanes leave and rejoin main carriageway.
  4. Internet Access Issues:

     4.1: Problems with old website: Matt undertook to look into our continuing problems with running our current website alongside the old, inactive one, which still supersedes newer one on a Google search.    Matt has some knowledge of how Google rankings work and might be able to ensure address comes up first with some tag saying this is the official site.  While Matt looks into this we will put on hold using cash to rectify this.

    4.2 Answering comments: John asked if we take pains to respond to FB queries and comments on the website. It was felt that we had been doing so fairly promptly and will continue to make sure we do.

  5.  Go  Dutch                                                                                                              5.1:Petition: We will be collecting signatures at Greenwich for the petition in the week before Easter.  Jane also collecting in Central London, the previous week.

    5.2 The Big Ride There will be a feeder  ride from Greenwich at 10.30 to Hyde Park.  We will have a meeting beforehand with Greenwich to co ordinate this.

  6.  A.O.B.                                                                                                                                         6.1 AGM This will be held on the third Wednesday in May.  Katie to publicise.  Will be held in Dog and Bell.