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November 2010

Lewisham Cyclists Monthly Meeting – Minutes 17.11.10

Present: Lee Roach, John Phillips, Tom Crispin, Katie Collis.

Apologies: Paul Taylor, Jane Davis, Roger Stocker.

1. Cycle Travel Plans for Holbeach School

Lee has said that he has sent 2 emails to his son’s school (Holbeach) to ask them about their cycling provision for their pupils. He is going to contact them further, if still no response then we will send them a letter.

2. CS6 & Lewisham Gateway

In response to Stuart Grove’s enquiry about CS6 (the route from Sydenham to Victoria) Carole Crankshaw (Cycling Officer for Lewisham Council) has confirmed that this route has been ‘shelved’ for the time being,  as has the Lewisham Gateway Scheme (transformation of Lewisham roundabout).

3. LCN Ride

Katie has confirmed that the LCN ride will now take place on Friday 26th November at 3p.m. meeting place Cornmill Gardens. Katie will send out an invite to the Lewisham Cyclists yahoo group and will put it on our web-site. Tom asked if it is a good idea to consider both walking and cycling signs. John said that Sustrans might be interested in talking part, so he will email Tom Sharlands (Sustrans representative).

4. Deptford Event – Saturday December 11th

Gerhard from LCC HQ has forwarded an enquiry from an organisation called Urban Space Section who want to put on a cycling event. They have organised several bikes and a Dr Bike but they were just wondering if there could be some local LCC representation. Katie will contact them and if its confirmed then we can try and get a group from Lewisham Cyclists to come along!

5. Stopping up Proposals for Gentlemans Row, SE10

We have been invited to supply our feedback (from a company called Family Mosaic) with regards to an application has been made to close off this public highway, which is situated between Lewisham Road and Sparta Street. Katie showed the group a map showing the plans and a rough A-Z location. Our assumption is that we think they will be building a large occupancy building over this road.

Katie will look at written plans on the Lewisham Council web-site and will then write back to Family Mosaic saying that we have no objection to these plans, as long as cycling storage will be provided for each home. We will also ask if the rebuilt road is to be one-way or two-way.

6. AGM

John has confirmed that arrangements for the AGM are now in place.

7. The new Lewisham website

Overall, there has been a very good response to the new web-site, many thanks once again to Stuart Groves for setting it up!

John had some finer points of the website that he wanted some feedback/confirmation for:

  • In response to Francis Sedgemore’s request that he have his blog and copyright authorship linked to our web-site we have confirmed that this is OK.
  • A list of links that we can go to report things i.e. fill that hole, RoadSafe London. Tom’s helpful and catchy slogan ‘Report This!’ will be added as an extra chapter on our web-site as well as John’s ‘Amusing Things’ chapter.