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November 2011

Lewisham Cyclists Meeting Minutes
Dog and Bell Public House
Prince St

Wednesday 16th November 2011 Present Ian Welsby, Tim Collingridge, Matt Kendall, Tom Crispin, Katie Collis, Chris Mahone John Phillips, Jane Davis, Roger Stocker

1. Apologies: Rik Andrew

2. Minutes of last meeting read and agreed

3. Matters arising: Greenwich Foot Tunnel Tom Crispin has submitted a question to the full council asking what contingency plans council have for event of both highways being closed under tunnel, given that they guaranteed to have one crossing available at all times. An FOI request has been made requesting details of the cost of refurbishment and the nature of hidden structures causing delays.

Addison Lee visit. Katie Collis informed the meeting that AL want cyclist input into developing videos for training drivers. She has written an article about this which will be in London Cyclist or on the website.

Cycle Parking: Roger Stocker wrote to train company Arriva as they have responsibility for parking at Lewisham Station. RS has also found out that TFL have identified money available for New Cross and Brockley station parking.  RS stated that individuals need to agitate for their own station personally as well as us a group doing this. RS has presented questions to council about the £150, 000 available for cycling needs in the borough. We met with the council in July to ask them what their plans are. We have presented our own list of suggestions including £50000 on parking, £20000 for facilities on estates, and also improving the link for cyclists to provide safe crossing from Surrey Canal Rd to Trundleys Rd.

4. CSH 4 and 5

CSH 5  LCC have suggested that route 22 be upgraded as an alternative to using the A 202 and 200 as CSH 5. Tom Crispin fed back input from the CRIM on this route. The Southwark group would prefer the main roads be used. Final designs have gone to boroughs for CSH5. We will ask LCC if we are going to get to see the plans at some point. KC will email Len Duvall about all proposed CSH ‘s as we feel they need a complete review before anything else is done.

CSH 4 Jane attended this meeting at LCC offices along with Anthony Austin from Greenwich, and Gerhard Weiss and Rik Andrew from LCC. Rik had done a lot of detailed work analysing the route in minute detail, looking at the junctions especially. Gerhard also wanted us to pay attention to the area around London Bridge. LCC have come up with a plan that would provide cyclists with an off road track, running next to the whole route from the London Bridge area, down Tooley St on the north side and keeping to that side for the journey down Jamaica Rd, crossing the big junctions via controlled crossings for bikes.  It would largely stay on the north side ( apart from a short section alongside Southwark Park) as that side offers less conflict with busy roads. We agreed that, properly done, this would work really well as a superhighway. It was noted that it should not follow the model of many other purpose built cycle paths in London, where cycle traffic has to give way at every minor road crossing, but rather that motor traffic should be controlled at these points.

5. AGM: The date will be changed to May, rather than February. It was felt that this would make it easier for people to get to, with lighter, warmer evening weather.


6.1. Ian informed the meeting that, following the very sad death of his nephew while cycling, after being hit by a car driven by a drunk driver in the USA the family had asked that, in memory of him, they would like anyone who wishes to, to donate to the Campaign against Drink Driving  or the World Wildlife Fund

6.2   John brought new business cards to hand out and asked for feedback.  People liked them.  It was felt that the website address needs to be in bold and that the name Lewisham Cyclists needs to be larger and more dominant.

6.3 Email list query.  Roger Stocker asked if we felt that the default reply address to the list should be changed to be original poster rather than the whole list. Overall the meeting felt that this was not necessary .

The meeting closed at 8.30pm