Addison Lee – a new hope?

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I have been hearing from fellow cyclists over the past few years how awful some Addison Lee Drivers there, am pretty certain some of their actions have been recorded and stuck up on youtube. Anyway a few weeks ago I had cause to make a complaint to them: Dear Addison Lee, I was cycling to B*******  Library where I work and as I was turning right to get onto Little Boltons (SW5)… Read More »Addison Lee – a new hope?

Rallying Time – Blackfriars Bridge

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TfL and BoJo have made the idiotic decision to go ahead with their ‘improvements’ to Blackfriars, despite the overwhelming opposition to this. We cannot let this go unchallenged. We have to fight to stop these dangerous and ill-designed plans from happening. At least 3 protest rides have been planned. Friday 29th July: Southside of Blackfriars Bridge 6p.m. LCC Slow ride, followed by Critical Mass Ride at 7p.m. which will… Read More »Rallying Time – Blackfriars Bridge

RIP Barry Mason

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‘Barry’ shouts Cheryl in an affectionate but exasperated tone. We were in the middle of the Essex countryside on a long pootle and Cheryl is remonstrating with him to slow down. She is faithfully backmarking the ride. Barry could never be put down. That’s what was so good and so frustrating about him. He was uncompromising and unstinting in his campaign efforts. I have never seen anyone who will work… Read More »RIP Barry Mason

LCC fight to keep Blackfriars Bridge at 20mph

  • by With last weeks uplifting mass of cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge, there is a crucial vote on 8th June, with Assembly members voting to put pressure on the mayor to keep the 20mph speed limit on this bridge. With the introduction of a 30mph speed limit I think it will present a dangerous predicament for cyclists so I urge everyone to sign the motion on the LCC website.

Languid long-distance pootling

  • by I am a big fan of this!

Fit, flighty and Fifty

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Of course cycling is for everyone, but as this article shows we all need some guidance from time to time, and CTUK are on hand for this:

Happy World Book Day!

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This is Carlton Reid’s book on Cycling to Work – looks very inspiring, a bit advertisement heavy but what can one do?

Mayor of London's Cycling Q & A Session February

  • by Quite a bit of locally-focussed news, as well as overall London policies which includes Cycle Super Highway and TfL funding programmes. It’s worth a read!

Lewisham Cyclists AGM – Wednesday 16th February

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Dear All Just a reminder that Lewisham Cyclists AGM is happening next Wednesday at Lewisham Town Hall, (Room 3), Catford from 6.30 p.m. We will adjourn to the pub afterwards, probably The Jolly Farmers . Last year they had a Quiz on and lots of free food, which was very welcome! Hope to see you there!

Cyclist down – Thurston Road

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Was pulling into Thurston Road in Lewisham and spotted a cyclist lying down on the pavement with another cyclist to hand. Turns out he had been hit by a silver Merc so I asked him if he had the registration details to which he started reciting it out loud. I got out pen and paper, took down the details as well as letting him know about ‘Roadsafe’. The other cyclist… Read More »Cyclist down – Thurston Road