Covid shadow over Lewisham cyclists

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Reflections for anyone interested in the climate emergency, sustainable travel, and improving health and equality. By any measures Lewisham has had a poor pandemic in terms of improving the borough for people on bicycles. While neighbouring authorities have put down new cycle lanes, installed filters to reduce through traffic, and introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), Lewisham has achieved comparatively little to date. Of the six filters Lewisham installed in March,… Read More »Covid shadow over Lewisham cyclists

Olympics Update:

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According to the Daily Telegraph: Boris says cyclists will be allowed to use olympic games lanes.

Please note: change of date to our next monthly meeting

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Dear All Please note that our next monthly meeting has been deferred to Wednesday 23rd November. This is in light of the fact that LCC’s AGM is on Wednesday 16th November and we would like to attend this. Please find here details of the LCC’s AGM:

Can anyone help out Sustrans?

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My name is Georgie and I am the Sustrans Bike It Officer for the borough of Greenwich ( I work with 12 schools across the borough to try and create a cycling culture within the schools. This means running various events, from ‘get off stabiliser sessions’ to ‘Dr Bike’ days to parent cycle rides. I have recently been focusing on Dr Bike days, to liberate bikes from sheds. The number… Read More »Can anyone help out Sustrans?

A tour of Transport for London's 10 most dangerous junctions for cycling

  • by Saturday 12th November at 10.30a.m. Meeting point: Stairs at the front of St. Mark’s Church, The Oval, Kennington, SE11 4PW I am working that week-end – but I recommend that people attend this!

Greenwich Foot Tunnel – an update

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Just heard from Twitterland from Greenwich Council: Greenwich Council now anticipates both Foot Tunnels will fully reopen in the New Year – Gwich currently open 6am-9pm weekdays When precisely in the New Year, Greenwich Council? We met at Cutty Sark Gardens 2 weeks ago for a ride and that whole area looks like the pits. There has also been no confirmation about when the lifts will re-open, personally I cannot… Read More »Greenwich Foot Tunnel – an update

Addison Lee – a new hope?

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I have been hearing from fellow cyclists over the past few years how awful some Addison Lee Drivers there, am pretty certain some of their actions have been recorded and stuck up on youtube. Anyway a few weeks ago I had cause to make a complaint to them: Dear Addison Lee, I was cycling to B*******  Library where I work and as I was turning right to get onto Little Boltons (SW5)… Read More »Addison Lee – a new hope?

Rallying Time – Blackfriars Bridge

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TfL and BoJo have made the idiotic decision to go ahead with their ‘improvements’ to Blackfriars, despite the overwhelming opposition to this. We cannot let this go unchallenged. We have to fight to stop these dangerous and ill-designed plans from happening. At least 3 protest rides have been planned. Friday 29th July: Southside of Blackfriars Bridge 6p.m. LCC Slow ride, followed by Critical Mass Ride at 7p.m. which will… Read More »Rallying Time – Blackfriars Bridge

RIP Barry Mason

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‘Barry’ shouts Cheryl in an affectionate but exasperated tone. We were in the middle of the Essex countryside on a long pootle and Cheryl is remonstrating with him to slow down. She is faithfully backmarking the ride. Barry could never be put down. That’s what was so good and so frustrating about him. He was uncompromising and unstinting in his campaign efforts. I have never seen anyone who will work… Read More »RIP Barry Mason