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Central London Grid

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In all the excitement of preparing for our public meeting on Wednesday, and following up on the restrictions proposed to the Waterlink Way with the dog track development, we nearly forgot to remind everyone about the consultation on the Central London Grid, which closes today at midnight.
Although none of it will be in Lewisham, we will have to ride it, as it covers large parts of inner London that many of visit regularly. A chunk of Southwark is in it, as well as those areas we all know instantly as Central London.
So, our response could be summed up as could do better. The glaring omission to me is it completely ignores London Bridge, despite the fact that thousands of cyclists use this every week. As far as cyclists heading in from Lewisham are concerned, our first quietway will end up there. But no way marked to get them across the river, despite the massive amount of space on that bridge.

As far as those areas to the north and west, while we may not have detailed knowledge of these routes, it does seem something else is missing. The proposed CSH 9 seems not exist on this grid. It may well be it has been dropped, as Andrew Gilligan told us there would be fewer Superhighways but those that were built would be delivered to a higher specification

So no Superhighway between the Thames and the Westway. There must be thousands of cyclists moving through this area every week,if not every day. It desperately needs a main cycle route.

We encourage you to read up on the grid and submit a response ahead of the deadline on Friday 14th by emailing, responses over the weekend will probably also count.