Lewisham Cycle Buddies

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Lewisham Cyclists is launching a Cycle Buddies scheme. This will pair new bike riders with more experienced cyclists, to help build their confidence.

We’ve been running an informal scheme for a while – now we’re expanding it and making it easier to request a buddy.

Many people have started cycling in recent months, to avoid using public transport or getting stuck in traffic. Lewisham Cyclists wants to support anyone who wants to start riding a bike, or ride more.

A Cycle Buddy can help you:

  • find quiet local streets, where you can practice and build confidence
  • find and try out new routes to work or your local shops
  • feel safer and more comfortable cycling in traffic
  • find a safe route for your child to cycle to school

Experienced cyclists can also volunteer to become a Cycle Buddy, and help a new or returning cyclist build confidence and get comfortable with new routes.

To get involved, please fill out the Lewisham Cycle Buddies online form.