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Cycleway 4 Construction Update

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Author: Andrew Seeds. Edited by Brian Turpin & Alex Raha Now well underway, when the scheme is completed next year, it will transform this busy stretch providing a segregated safe cycling route including protection at junctions. If you want to read our previous blog on C4, have a look here. The Cycleway 4 Project is not just about cycling – there’s a number of improvements aimed at pedestrians and bus users.… Read More »Cycleway 4 Construction Update

Cyclist of the month

Why I cycle (Cyclist of the month)

Anne got into cycling about a year ago. Having given up her car she needed a quick and healthy way to get around… and transformed her way of life! Read Ann’s full story below…

Meeting the Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, Councillor Chris Best

A couple of months ago, Lewisham Cyclists had an online meeting with Councillor Chris Best, the current Deputy Mayor of Lewisham Council, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care and Ward Councillor for Sydenham. It was the first time we had met, as well as being the first time we had met the Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care. Considering this took place whilst the pandemic was… Read More »Meeting the Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, Councillor Chris Best

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Cycling with families

Author: Matt Begg. Pictures: Anna Moore and Alex Raha Ever wanted to cycle with your family but don’t know where to start? Want to join the increasing numbers of people cycling with their children in lockdown? Well this post could be for you!  Climate Action Lewisham, working with Lewisham Cyclists have recently successfully bid for grant funding from Transport for London to set up a Family Cycling Library here in… Read More »Cycling with families

Scawen Road School Street

Lewisham School Streets

Author & Photos: Mike Tisdell. Edited by Iliana Koutsou and Alex Raha School Streets are temporary closures for motor traffic at the start and end of the school day.  An effective school street creates a welcoming and safe environment for children travelling to and from school on foot, scooter or bicycle, free from road danger. At Lewisham Cyclists we think it’s positive to see such a large number of school… Read More »Lewisham School Streets

Cycleway 4 – work in progress

Lewisham Cyclists’ members have been asking what’s happening to the Lewisham section of Cycleway 4 (C4) now that the Rotherhithe to Tower Bridge route is open. The short answer is it’s coming, but Covid has disrupted the original schedule. Lewisham Cyclists are pressing TfL for updated construction dates. Read the full blog below to find out more…. Cycleway 4 (C4) has been a long time coming in South East London.… Read More »Cycleway 4 – work in progress