London Cycle Challenge

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I’m a primary school teacher, for those of you who didn’t already know. The school in which I teach is situated in what could be considered one of the most cycle unfriendly parts of the planet.  Some enterprising 60’s town planner managed to squeeze a tower block estate cheek to concrete cheek with the A2 Old Kent Rd. Thus was born the Tustin Estate with Pilgrims Way Primary School right… Read More »London Cycle Challenge

Peaks of Lewisham 2011

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Weather not as glorious as the last two years but decent in what’s been a rather damp Bike Week. It kept dry for us and the views were clear. A good bunch at Cutty Sark Gardens was mostly made up of newbies which was nice, including one who’d come all the way from Brighton. Along the way, we picked up two folk hanging around for the evening on top of… Read More »Peaks of Lewisham 2011

A tale of TfL, traffic flow, an elephant and a ruined castle

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Forgive the slightly whimsical heading but I’m trying to cheer myself up. Us Lewisham Cyclists have been asking TfL quite a few questions lately and the answers we’ve been getting have been a wee bit depressing. One answer keeps on cropping up again and again. In answer to a query about why all the pedestrian crossings on the Old and New Kent Rd seem to have greatly increased their waiting… Read More »A tale of TfL, traffic flow, an elephant and a ruined castle

Conservative Assembly Members Prevent Vote on 20mph for Blackfriars Bridge

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Ok, not strictly a purely Lewisham issue, but I’m betting many of us use this bridge frequently.  I know I do.  And, earlier this month, we urged you to sign the LCC motion calling for the 20 mph limit to be retained.  And, as a Londoner, I’ve always felt that the bridges and the river belong to us all. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel like that on our beautiful river… Read More »Conservative Assembly Members Prevent Vote on 20mph for Blackfriars Bridge

RIP Barry Mason

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‘Barry’ shouts Cheryl in an affectionate but exasperated tone. We were in the middle of the Essex countryside on a long pootle and Cheryl is remonstrating with him to slow down. She is faithfully backmarking the ride. Barry could never be put down. That’s what was so good and so frustrating about him. He was uncompromising and unstinting in his campaign efforts. I have never seen anyone who will work… Read More »RIP Barry Mason

LCC fight to keep Blackfriars Bridge at 20mph

  • by With last weeks uplifting mass of cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge, there is a crucial vote on 8th June, with Assembly members voting to put pressure on the mayor to keep the 20mph speed limit on this bridge. With the introduction of a 30mph speed limit I think it will present a dangerous predicament for cyclists so I urge everyone to sign the motion on the LCC website.

Cycletta is coming!

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What’s cycletta, you may ask? Well, it’s a dual venue cycling event and describes itself as the “UK’s best women only bike rides on traffic free roads”. Victoria Pendleton is one of Cycletta’s cycling ambassadors.  Apparently, she will be at both venues, giving tips on, amongst other things, the thing that women cyclists fear most.  Helmet hair. I’m not sure it is the best way to get more women on their bikes.… Read More »Cycletta is coming!

Languid long-distance pootling

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Paris to London April 2011

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Day 1 St Pancras International to Gare du Nord Notre Dame Tour Eiffel Versailles Ten of us met at St Pancras International at 9am on Maundy Thursday, having the previous day delivered our bikes to the station. Out group comprised:Me and Clare, Pat and her 17 year old daughter Becca, Alice and her 13 year old son Alex, Stephen, Mark, Phil and Cate, the adults all being in the 40… Read More »Paris to London April 2011