Brian Turpin

Why I Cycle – Naheeda

This month’s story features Naheeda Maharasingam, Head Teacher at Rathfern Primary School in Catford. She tells us how and when she decided to get on two wheels. “I decided to start cycling to school to arrive quicker and more reliably than driving or taking public transport. Although my commute is under two miles the journey by any other means could take up to an hour which I felt was a… Read More »Why I Cycle – Naheeda

This is why I cycle: Brian

Over the last few months, we’ve wanted to hear more from our members and supporters as to why they ride. Here’s my story. St Laurent de la Plaine (Pays de Loire) – La Drova (Valencia) bike tour A glorious late summer tour from my in-laws’ house near Angers to my friend’s home near Valencia. 1200 Kilometres over 12 stages, due south from the Loire through the Vendee and onto the… Read More »This is why I cycle: Brian